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(July 7 update)Notice for Thesis Oral Defense Application of Spring semester, 2022 Academic year

Notice for Thesis Oral Defense Application of Spring semester, 2022 Academic year

 Thesis Oral Defense of this semester is postponed to August 30th, 2022.

The office will only accept the application till August 15th.

The Oral Defense must be held before August 30th, the signed score sheets must also be sent back to the office before August 30th.

The deadline to apply for Graduation procedure of this semester (2022 spring semester) has extended Sep. 30th. 2022.

Can the examination be conducted as an on-site oral presentation or via video conferencing

Examinations should be conducted via video conferencing. If there are no concerns about epidemic prevention and the safety of all participants, depending on the current Covid-19 epidemic situation, the advisor can decide to conduct an in-person oral examination. If an in-person oral examination is conducted, all participants should wear masks throughout the entire duration and implement epidemic prevention measures

How do we apply for the examination conducted via video conferencing?

If the examination is conducted via video conferencing, please register at the Degree Examination System/COVID-19 Video Conferencing section after the degree examination application is approved. Print out the information, and submit the required information in order to conduct the examination via video conferencing. Please make sure to submit the recording of the examination to the department office.

How to apply for online oral defense: https://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/mou/

1. Follow the guideline of degree exam application

2. After approved (with all the necessary stamps) , go back to the online application system and change the meeting to online.

3. Print out the application form, sign, have your advisor to sign on it.

4. Send the application form back to department office to keep the record.

5. Students must record the whole online meeting of the oral defense, including video and voice recording.  

6. Send one copy of the video and voice recording to the department office.

Other announcements about the Thesis Oral Defense from Curriculum Division, Office of Academic Affairs. Click here.


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