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The announcement of the special course selection method of this department is as follows:2022.01


Attention for additional signing course selection for the next semester of the 110 academic year:


Please contact the instructor for whether to sign up.


After the teacher agrees to add the signature, please sign the signature form of the department  (such as the attachment). After signing the signature, please submit it to Miss Wu of department.


(1) If the teacher replies by email and does not sign the application form, he or she can submit the letter together with the application form to Miss Wu.


(2) The department's authority only accepts courses offered by the department, other departments and general education courses are not within the scope of acceptance.


(3) For courses offered jointly by this department and other departments, if the course is not started by the head of the department, the success of adding signatures depends on the capacity of the classroom.

3.若因疫情無法前來繳交加簽單者(已獲老師同意),得將加簽單電傳至z9401004@email.ncku.edu.tw 系辦收到你的繳交會回覆收件,但是否確定加選成功必須在學校開放系辦作業權限後第2天逕行進入系統確認,系辦不會另行通知哦。

If you are unable to come to pay the additional signature due to the epidemic (with the consent of the teacher), you must mail the form to z9401004@email.ncku.edu.tw. The department office will reply to you after receiving your email. To confirm that the selection is successful must be confirmed by entering the system on the second day after the school opens the department's homework permission, and the department will not notify you.


If you have any questions about it, please call 06-2757575-63405-103

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