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Coping with COVID19, Degree Exam Changes

Notice and Procedures of Graduation Application (June 29, 2021 Update)

►Students who had applied oral defense and the meeting is dated before August 30th, the oral defense will be held online.

►How to apply for online oral defense: 【https://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/mou/

1. Follow the guideline of degree exam application ►Check here

2. After approved (with all the necessary stamps) , go back to the online application system and change the meeting to online.

3. Print out the application form, sign, have your advisor to sign on it.

4. Submit the application form back to department office to keep the record.

5. Students must record the whole online meeting of the oral defense, including video and voice recording. 

6. Send one copy of the video and voice recording to the department office.

The Allowance Application Procedures for Thesis Defense of International Scholars of Department of Biomedical Engineering

►For any possible change on Oral Defense of Degree Exam,  news will be posted on BME webpage.

Please check before you apply for oral defense.



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