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Teaching Objectives

Biomedical engineering is a multidisciplinary science that covers subjects from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, material engineering, and chemical engineering to those related to nano- and micro-electromechanical technology. Applications include life sciences, basic medicine, clinical medicine, regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and tissue engineering.

►Education objective

•Undergraduate Program

1.Acquire the basic biomedical engineering knowledge

2.Develop multidiscipline integration, innovation and implementation ability

3.Cultivate humanism quality and expand social care

4.Strengthen the leadership and widen the global vision

5.Encourage curriculum toward application and take root in medical device industry

•MA/ Ph.D. Program

1.The training of biomedical engineering technique

2.To develop the strong and independent personality

3.To Increase the ability of management and enrich the global vision


►Core ability

•Undergraduate Program

1. Ability to apply mathematics, science, biomedicine and engineering knowledge

2.Ability to execute experiment design and data analysis

3.Ability to strengthen engineering practice and apply professional tools

4.Ability to design biomedical engineering system and be familiar with the operation of clinical medical devices

5.Ability to cultivate project managing, multidiscipline integration and spirit of team work

6.Ability to find, analyze and solve problems

7.Ability to know the global news and keep continuous learning

8.Ability to understand professional ethics, social responsibility and multiple viewpoints

•MA/ Ph.D. Program

1.Specific fields of expertise

2.Innovative thinking and independent problem solving ability

3.The professional thesis writing ability

4.Perfect international perspective

5.Coordination and integration ability with different areas personnel

6.Planning and execution of a research project capability

7.Leadership, management and planning ability

8.Growth of life-long self-learning ability


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